Confidence booster Workshop


Confidence – learn how to boost your confidence and maintain it. Improve your ability to move forward in your life and do the things you have always wanted to do but didn’t think you could


Confidence workshop Mon 2nd October 9.30am – 12.30pm Concept Corner, 134 Seabank Road, New Brighton

In conjunction with KMW Training

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Increased confidence will give you the ability to:

pass an interview,
network and increase your profit,
attend social events,
walk down the aisle,
give a speech,
do a presentation,
stand up for yourself,
ask for what you want,
and most importantly show people the real you.

There is so much more to you and it is about time you learned how to show it.

This practical and supportive workshop has been designed in collaboration with KMW training to provide you with information, learning and techniques that enable you to boost and maintain your confidence.

The event is interactive and is delivered to a small number, so spaces are limited. The venue is a warm and welcoming tea room with no formal presentations or talks. It is relaxed and supportive and provides you with firstly understanding why we lack confidence and how are body/mind reacts and teaches you the techniques that you can walk away with and use to boost and maintain your confidence.

Objectives (by the end of the session the delegates will be able to:
1 – Define the meaning of confidence, how does this relate to you personally, why it is necessary to be confident and what that entails

2 – Identify the common times we lack confidence and how our body/minds respond.
3 – Discuss the impact of your mind chatter and how to challenge it, demonstration of how negative thinking  relates to your beliefs about yourself and your life
4 – Describe techniques that can help you boost your confidence, interactive or observational exercises included

5 – Explain how you will utilise these techniques now and in the future.

6 – Resilience, what that means and how it links to self esteem or self worth.

7 – How to develop towards resilience and building up your coping skills in order to and move forward in your life.

The session is three hours in duration and costs £75.
We deliver this to a small number so spaces are limited.
If you would like to attend with a friend we can offer a £25 discount for each of you when you book together on the same booking form (book by 25th September to qualify). Use discount code Con1


Kelly McWilliam – KMW Training

Kelly’s website


I am Kelly and I am from KMW 4 Children and will be delivering this workshop with Pat from Harland Consultancy. I started KMW 4 Children after working with and studying children for many years. My aim is to help adults understand children and to help children understand themselves more. I have worked in schools, nurseries, in Sports & Arts Initiatives and one to one with children and have completed a Ba in Childhood Studies to further my understanding of children and all their needs and I am of course DBS (CRB) checked.

Whilst I have many years of  knowledge and experience (mainly from being a mum) I still like to work with others who have different experiences and perspectives in helping children and am delighted to work with Pat from Harland Consultancy on this project. I will let Pat explain her background and why she is involved, but, for me Pat understands the impact first hand the pressure and stress on children and most importantly has the skills and knowledge plus she uses tried and tested techniques which work in order to combat it.

Pat Harland – Harland Consultancy

Pat’s website

I am Pat Harland from Harland Consultancy. Mother of 2 grown up girls and Grandmother of 4.
Since 2003 I have been working with teenagers, adults and children, helping them to create very strong psychological foundations so that they can deal with life’s twists and turns more effectively. I am fully DBS/CRB checked.

My aim is to set them on their road to health, happiness and success. Success of course, means different things to different people.
I feel very strongly that our younger generations should be taught how to become resilient, move forward in their lives, create a good level of self esteem and avoid having to be overly aware or concerned about what others are doing or what others think about them.
Over the years I have seen so much more pressure being put upon our youngsters in terms of conforming, being included, being the best, either in the academic world, the sports world or the arts world. They are expected to be high achievers and when this doesn’t happen they fall apart and lose confidence, sometimes creating fear, panic and anxiety as a result. If you fear failure then sometimes you won’t even try, if you don’t try then you can’t possibly fail.

The pleasure I get from seeing any of my clients, particularly teenagers and children learn, develop and grow into confident, competent happy people is second to none.
For me the collaboration with KMW for children in the form of the delightful and professional Kelly has been amazing. We work well together and our delegates also have a lot of fun whilst learning. Using our joint skills we have created this and other successful workshops and long may we continue to work together for the benefit of our students and clients.

Read my blog for some confidence tips…hrivewithpat-com/ ‎